Ping Exchange

Hybrid trading platform for virtual currencies, tokens, commodities and assets.

Wall Money

Banking as a Service with a full modular banking application for NEO banking, integrated FIAt with Digital Asset Wallets in one place and POS services which are device agnostic.

Core Pass

The world’s first Blockchain-based decentralized digital Identity platform.

Core Token

Core Token is an Ecosystem enabler and Services payment utility token used in the Core community Smart Contract platform. Core Token is the enabler to an entire tokenized world revolutionizing shareholding and right of choice along with ownership and control truly decentralizing everything around us.


TokToKey is a Blockchain based eCommerce platform with an immediate call to action feature. The mobile and web application provides a “see-now-buy-now” ability through content recognition and product browsing, with comparisons. The system also supports a conventional eCommerce desktop application for normal online shopping, with full merchant/store management facilities. Multiple merchants can be paid instantaneously with a single transaction in the currency of their choice

Luna mesh

In the Luna Mesh topology there is no central connection point. Instead, each node is connected to at least one other node which is connected to multiple other nodes. Each node is capable of sending encrypted blockchain based messages to and from other nodes. The multiple Luna Mesh nodes act as relays, passing or hopping on messages towards their final destination


A Self-sustainable, income generating, borderless entertainment and communications solution. TiNG is a decentralised peer to peer borderless video streaming platform that allows viewers and content creators to reach audiences globally without the need for strong internet connectivity. Watch, stream, interact and talk anywhere in the world. The platform prohibits annoying forced commercials before and during videos. Gamify videos with multiple outcomes and interact with your viewers directly


Blockchain Asset Management, Supply Chain and Financial Accounting platform with tracking, tracing, auditing and analysis in mind. The platform focuses on modular custom dashboards where rules and business flows can be seamlessly integrated into post processing systems